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Math calendar – 2019

We are very happy to all the participants of our seminars, conferences and other scientific and educational events. To pass to the faculty building on Usachev Str. 6, you must have a passport with you and tell the security what event you want to attend. We make video-recordings of most of our scientific events and publish them online with free access. All participants are also registered, with the subsequent use of information in the reports of the faculty / laboratories / HSE.

Fourth Winter School-Conference “String Theory, Integrable Models and Representation Theory” 

January 20-26, 2019
Skoltech, Moscow


  • Skoltech, Center for Advanced Studies
  • Laboratory of Representation Theory and Mathematical Physics, Higher School of Economics
  • Independent University of Moscow
  • Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics
  • Interdisciplinary Scientific Center Poncelet

Organizing and Program Committee

  • Alexander Belavin (Landau Inst., IITP),
  • Mikhail Bershtein (Landau Inst., Skoltech, HSE, IITP),
  • Boris Feigin (HSE, Landau Inst.),
  • Aleksei Litvinov (Landau Inst., HSE),
  • Andrei Marshakov (Skoltech, HSE, ITEP, Lebedev Inst.)

Sessions will be held

  • on January 20, 24, 25, 26 at the Independent University of Moscow (11 Bolshoy Vlasyevskiy Pereulok, Moscow),
  • on January 21, 22 at the Skoltech,
  • on January 23 at the Faculty of Mathematics of the Higher School of Economics (6 Usacheva Street, Moscow)



Winter School "Symmetry and Complexity in Mathematics" for undergraduate students

February 1 – 6, 2019           
HSE Faculty of Mathematics, Moscow, 6 Usacheva

The Winter School is held jointly by the NRU HSE and SPbSU as a part of the cooperation in the area of mathematics. The aim of the school is to overview the principal trends in contemporary theoretical mathematics dealing with symmetry and complexity in a broad sense. We invite senior undergaduate students of mathematics and related fields, as well as graduates of BSc programs planning to continue their studies of fundamental mathematics.     

When: February 1 – 6, 2019  
Where: HSE Faculty of Mathematics, Moscow, 6 Usacheva ul.  

How to take part in the school: to attend the school one needs to fill out the form. The strongest applications will be chosen and their authors will be invited to take part in the school.
Deadline: if you do not need the Russian visa to attend the school, then the deadline to fill out the form is January 12, 2019, 23h 59min. If you need the visa, then the deadline is December 10, 2018, 23h 59min.

Financial support: a dormitory is provided for the school participants. All other expenses, including the transportation costs and meal, the participants pay from their own funds. The school participants will be able to have lunch in the cafeteria of the faculty, the estimated price of one lunch is 120 rubles


Workshops on birational geometry

March 25 - 29,  2019
HSE Faculty of Mathematics, Moscow, 6 Usacheva   

Speakers: Paolo Cascini (Imperial College London), Johannes Nicaise (University of Leuven), John Ottem (University of Oslo), Mathieu Florence (Université Paris VI), Claudio Arezzo (Parma University) 


Korean–Russian Algebraic Geometry Meeting

April 5 – 7, 2019
HSE Faculty of Mathematics, Moscow, 6 Usacheva, room 427

Laboratory of Mirror Symmetry, NRU HSE
Speakers:  Ivan Cheltsov (HSE, University of Edinburgh), Alexander Efimov (HSE, Steklov Mathematical Institute), Jun-Muk Hwang (KIAS), Dmitry Kaledin (HSE, Steklov Mathematical Institute), Jong-Hae Keum (KIAS), Alexander Kuznetsov (HSE, Steklov Mathematical Institute), Kyoung-Seog Lee (IBS Center of Geometry and Physics), Andrey Losev (HSE, Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics), Yong-Geun Oh (IBS Center of Geometry and Physics), Dmitry Orlov (Steklov Mathematical Institute), Jihun Park (IBS Center of Geometry and Physics), Victor Przyjalkowski (HSE, Steklov Mathematical Institute)


Birational geometry, Kahler-Einstein metrics and Degenerations Conference (Moscow, Shanghai, Pohang)

April 8 – 13, 2019
HSE Faculty of Mathematics, Moscow, 6 Usacheva 

Local organizer Higher School of Economics, Laboratory of Mirror Symmetry
Speakers: Valery Alexeev (University of Georgia); Harold Blum (University of Georgia); Caucher Birkar (University of Cambridge); Ruadhai Dervan (University of Cambridge); Kento Fujita (Kyoto University); Mattias Jonsson (University of Michigan); Chi Li (Purdue University); Yuchen Liu (Yale University); Yuji Odaka (Kyoto University); Hendrik Suess (University of Manchester)


Vertex Operator Algebras and Topology International Conference

April 20 - 24 
HSE Faculty of Mathematics, Moscow, 6 Usacheva 

The conference is organized by the International Laboratory of Representation Theory and Mathematical Physics, Moscow

Invited speakers:

Tomoyuki Arakawa (RIMS, Kyoto) http://www.kurims.kyoto-u.ac.jp/~arakawa/index-e.html
Sergei Gukov (CalTech) http://www.theory.caltech.edu/~gukov/
Ivan Losev (University of Toronto and HSE) 
Mikhail Bershtein (SkolTech and HSE) https://www.hse.ru/org/persons/126925345

Schedule and abstracts of lectures coming soon


Homological Mirror Symmetry at HSE

May 27–June 3, 2019
HSE Faculty of Mathematics, Moscow, 6 Usacheva 


Hyperkahler Event
June 19-23, 2019
HSE Faculty of Mathematics, Moscow, 6 Usacheva

Laboratory of algebraic geometry and its applications

Speakers:  Andrea Cattaneo  (Firenze), Grzegorz Kapustka  (Krakow), Enrica Mazzon  (London), Giovanni Mongardi  (Bologna), Andrey Soldatenkov  (Berlin), Yegor Yasinsky  (Basel),


Birational Geometry and Fano Varieties Conference dedicated to V. Iskovskikh

June 24-28, 2019
Steklov Matematical Institute, Moscow, 8 Gubkina

Steklov Mathematical Institute, HSE Faculty of Mathematics,  Laboratory of Mirror Symmetry and Automorphic Forms 

Speakers:  Valery Alexeev  (University of Georgia), Florin Ambro  (Institute of Mathematics "Simion Stoilow" of the Romanian Academy), Victor Batyrev  (Universität Tübingen), Arnaud Beauville ( Université de Nice Laboratoire J.-A.Dieudonné), Jérémy Blanc (Universität Basel), Fedor Bogomolov (HSE, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences), Kento Fujita, Yoshinori Gongyo (University of Tokyo),  Christopher Hacon ( University of Utah), Yujiro Kawamata  (University of Tokyo), Ludmil Katzarkov (HSE, University of Miami), Laurent Manivel (Toulouse Mathematics Institute), Keiji Oguiso (University of Tokyo), Takuzo Okada (Saga University, Japan),  Jihun Park, Miles Reid (University of Warwick), Vyacheslav Shokurov  (Johns Hopkins University, Steklov Mathematical Institute), Constantin Shramov  (HSE, Steklov Mathematical Institute), Claire Voisin  (Institut de Mathématiques de Jussieu-Paris rive gauche), Jaroslaw Wisniewski  (Institute of Mathematics, University of Warsaw)


Summer School «Representation Theory of Lie groups and applications in Mathematical Physics»

June 24-30, 2019

website: TBA
E. Feigin (HSE and Skoltech, Moscow) "Semi-infinite Pluecker relations"
V. Gorbunov (U. Aberdeen and HSE, Moscow) “Electrical mathematics”
V. Kirichenko (HSE and IITP, Moscow) "Newton-Okounkov convex bodies and representation theory"
T. Kobayashi (U. Tokyo) "Symmetry breaking in representation theory"
S. Morier-Genoud (Paris-Sorbonne) "Continued fractions and combinatorics"
V. Ovsienko (CNRS, Reims) "q-deformed rational numbers"
A. Pasquale (U. de Lorraine)  "Symmetric spaces, Fourier analysis and resonances"
T. Przebinda (U. Oklahoma) "An elementary construction of the Weil representation"
E. Smirnov (HSE and IUM, Moscow) "Schubert polynomials: from geometry to combinatorics and back"
V. Timorin (HSE, Moscow) “Combinatorics of Gelfand-Zetlin polytopes”
S. Yanagida (U. Nagoya) "Hall algebras".


Workshop on Classical and Quantum Integrable Systems

July 22-26, 2019
Euler Institute, Saint-Peterburg, 10 Pesochnaya nab.  https://sites.google.com/view/cqis2019/general-information

The next international Workshop on Classical and Quantum Integrable Systems (CQIS-2019) will be held at the Euler International Mathematical Institute on July 22-26, 2019. It is organized by the Euler Institute, the Saint-Petersburg Department of Steklov Mathematical Institute, and the International Laboratory of Representation Theory and Mathematical Physics, Higher School of Economics, Moscow.

This workshop continues the series of CQIS workshops held in 2000-2018 in Protvino, Dubna, Chernogolovka and St. Petersburg.

Main topics of the conference include:

  • recent results in integrable models of classical and quantum mechanics, field theory and statistical physics
  • various algebraic, geometric and combinatorial aspects of integrability including quantum algebras and quantum groups, cluster algebras, conformal field theory, W-algebras etc.
  • integrable probability and asymptotic representation theory


The International School Advanced Methods of Modern Theoretical Physics:  Integrable and Stochastic Systems

July 28 – August 2, 2019


The International conference-school on algebraic geometry ''Siberian summer school: Current developments in Geometry''

August 26 - 31, 2019
Sobolev Institute of Mathematics of Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk

Sobolev Institute of Mathematics 
HSE Faculty of Mathematics 

Among speakers: Ludmil Katzarkov, Dmitri Orlov

Websate: TBA
Website 2018: http://www.math.nsc.ru/conference/ageom/index.htm

Workshop on birational geometry

October  29 -31, 2019    Laboratory of Algebraic Geometry, HSE Faculty of Mathematics, Moscow, 6 Usacheva

СТРАНИЦА:  http://www.mi-ras.ru/~prokhoro/conf/hse19b/index.html