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Обычная версия сайта

Адрес: 119048, Москва,
ул. Усачёва, 6

тел. (495) 916-89-05
тел. (495) 772-95-90 *12720
тел. (495) 772-95-90 *12726 (декан)
E-mail: math@hse.ru

Учебный офис:
тел. (495) 624-26-16
тел. (495) 772-95-90 *12713

ДПО факультета математики:

Научный руководитель Ландо Сергей Константинович
Заместитель декана по административной работе Балаева Светлана Васильевна
Заместитель декана по по научной работе Горбунов Василий Геннадьевич
Заместитель декана по учебной работе Колесников Александр Викторович
Заместитель декана по работе с абитуриентами Пятов Павел Николаевич

Position Openings: Assistant Professor, and higher

The Faculty of Mathematics of the National Research University Higher School of Economics in Moscow, Russia invites applications for tenure-track positions of Assistant Professor, or higher in all areas of Mathematics.

Reference number: MATH015
Deadline: December 20, 2014

The HSE is a young, dynamic, fast-growing Russian research university providing unique research opportunities. The Faculty of Mathematics was opened in 2008. Since then, it has become a leading place in Russia for attracting researchers in Mathematics and mathematical students.

The Faculty has Bachelors’, Masters’ and Ph.D. programs in Mathematics. The department collaborates with the Steklov Mathematical Institute, the Institute for Information Transmission Problems, and the Lebedev Physical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (world renowned research institutes). Jointly with the Independent University of Moscow, the department publishes the Moscow Mathematical Journal and runs 'Math in Moscow', an international student internship program. The Faculty of Mathematics is now attracting the best Mathematics majors in Russia.

From THE REPORT OF THE INTERNATIONAL ADVISORY BOARD by Pierre Deligne, Sergey Fomin, Andrey Okounkov, Tetsuji Miwa, Stanislav Smirnov (September 2013): 'The Board is very much impressed by the current state of academic affairs at the Department. Within 5 years of its creation, the HSE has become the leading Russian institution of higher learning in pure mathematics.'

There are two international research units of the HSE affiliated with the Faculty of Mathematics: the international Laboratory of Algebraic Geometry and its Applications (scientific director: F. Bogomolov) and the international Laboratory of Representation Theory and Mathematical Physics (scientific directors: A. Okounkov and R. Bezrukavnikov)

Work Conditions:

  • Internationally competitive сompensation package with annual CPI adjustment, 13% flat income tax rate and other benefit
  • Generous travel support and research grants provided by the university’s Centre for Advanced Studies 
  • Low teaching load; some service required
  • Heavy emphasis on high quality research 


  • Recent Ph.D. (or an equivalent) in Mathematics, Computer science or a related field
  • Fluent English and extensive international academic experience
  • Ability and high motivation to conduct high-quality research publishable in reputable peer-reviewed journal

Generally appointments will be made for an initial three-year period and upon successful completion of an interim review, contracts would normally be extended for a further three years until the tenure review.

Please provide a CV, a statement of research interest and a recent research paper via online application form. At least 2 letters of reference should be forwarded directly to the attention of CAS Director Martin Gilman at cas@hse.ru no later than December 20, 2014.

Vacancy reference number: MATH015
Application deadline: December 20, 2014

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