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Обычная версия сайта

Адрес: 119048, Москва,
ул. Усачёва, 6

тел. (495) 916-89-05
тел. (495) 772-95-90 *12720
тел. (495) 772-95-90 *12726 (декан)
E-mail: math@hse.ru

Учебный офис:
тел. (495) 624-26-16
тел. (495) 772-95-90 *12713

ДПО факультета математики:

Научный руководитель Ландо Сергей Константинович
Заместитель декана по административной работе Балаева Светлана Васильевна
Заместитель декана по по научной работе Горбунов Василий Геннадьевич
Заместитель декана по учебной работе Колесников Александр Викторович
Заместитель декана по работе с абитуриентами Пятов Павел Николаевич

Жак Титс о российской математике


I think the country that has the best way of working

with young people is Russia. Of course,

the French have a long tradition, and they have

very good, very young people. But I think Russian

mathematics is in a sense more lively than French

mathematics. French mathematics is too immediately

precise. I would say that these are the two

countries where the future of mathematics is the

clearest. But of course Germany has had such a

history of mathematics that they will continue.

And nowadays, the United States have in a sense

become the center of mathematics, because they

have so much money.

Jacques Tits, a recipient of the 2008 Abel Prize

of the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters.

From interview taken on May 19, 2008, prior to the Abel Prize celebration in Oslo