Lectures on Dispersionless Integrable Hierarchies In print

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Holomorphic Lagrangian Fibrations on Hypercomplex Manifolds

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Book chapter
Factorization Homology in 3-Dimensional Topology

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Working paper
The parameter space of cubic laminations with a fixed critical leaf

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About the Faculty

The Faculty of Mathematics was established in 2007, and since then it has become the most successful place in Russia for attracting researchers and students in Mathematics. We offer undergraduate, Masters and PhD programmes in Mathematics. The Faculty actively collaborates with Steklov Mathematical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Kharkevich Institute for Information Transmission Problems and Lebedev Physical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Russia and numerous universities abroad.

Postdoctoral positions at the Faculty of Mathematics

Metchnikov Scholarship for Alexandra Skripchenko

Alexandra Skripchenko, student of the Faculty of Mathematics, received Metchnikov Scholarship from the Embassy of France in Moscow. Congratulations!

Andrey Okunkov: 'Happiness Is not about Proving Something to Other People'

In the whole history of mathematics just 8 winners of the highest award - the Field Prize - have come from Russia. One of them is Andrey Okunkov, Academic Supervisor at the International Laboratory of Representation Theory and Mathematical Physics HSE. On Hamburg Reckoning, a weekly programme which broadcasts interviews with major academics on current Russian issues on the OTR TV channel, he talked about his journey from economics to mathematics, about the Faculty of Mathematics at HSE and what makes mathematicians happy.

'In Mathematics You either Get Some Result or You Don’t and There Is Nothing in between'

The HSE Look welcomes aboard Postdoctoral Fellow at the Faculty of Mathematics, Alexandra Skripchenko.

'It Is Amazing How Enthusiastic and Serious about Mathematics My Students Are'

In September 2014, new international professors and postdocs joined the Faculty of Mathematics. January issue of The HSE LooK welcomes aboard Assistant Professor Satoshi Kondo.

The Faculty of Mathematics: A Niche for Talented People Who Don't Want to Deal with Ideology

The first issue of The HSE Look in 2015 brings the Faculty of Mathematics into the spotlight. The Dean of the faculty, Professor Sergei Lando, talks about the life of the collective that he heads and about mathematical education in Russia then and now.

‘Maths Teaches Modesty above All’

This year winner of the respected Fields medal Andrey Okunkov became the new head of HSE’s InternationalLaboratory of Representation Theory and Mathematical Physics. In an interview for the HSE News website, he talked about what is a good mathematical education, why mathematicians are more free than other academics and what to tell people who find figures difficult.

Summer School in Modern Mathematics

An international summer school in Modern Mathematics took place from August 20th to 29th 2014, in Lyon, France. It was organized by Universite de Lyon, ENS de Lyon, Plaisir Maths, and Jacobs University, and was hosted by Ecole Normale superiuere de Lyon. Daria Alexeeva, student of the HSE Faculty of Mathematics, shared her impressions of the event.

HSE Students Won the August Möbius Contest

The Faculty of Mathematics congratulates Lev Sukhanov, second-year master’s student, on winning first prize in the August Möbius Contest 2014 in the ‘Undergraduates and Graduates’ category, and Artur Tomberg on first prize in the ‘Undergraduates’ category.

Glad to be Immersed in a Very Strong Mathematical Tradition

Dr. Chris Brav, an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Mathematics has joined the HSE this year. He shared with the HSE news service his background, first impressions on living and working in Moscow and plans for future.